Photos with mainly a dark and moody feeling in varying degree. I've also included pictures with only dark backgrounds even though they're not fully in this category. A lot of this can be done in post production and editing as long as you have a high quality image, preferably a RAW-format. Some results are hard to get by post production only though but you are welcome to consult me about it if you're not sure about the details or if the result you wish for is possible to achieve. Go to the contact page to get in touch with me for inquiries.

Purple pastry
Orange icecream
Pink donuts
Beet hummus sandwich
Palak panir
Flatlay hummus
Berry pies
Hummus still life
Golden macarons and red rose
Citrus smoothie
Golden macarons still life
Dates with peanut butter
Macarons with painted leaves
Date with almond