Photos with mainly a light and airy feeling, but without being overexposed or having too little contrast which of course can be done. I've also included pictures with a light feeling to them even though they're not fully in this category. A lot of this can be done in post production and editing as long as you have a high quality photo, preferably a RAW-format and if it's not too dark. This is something you can consult me about if you're not sure about the details. Go to the contact page to get in touch with me for inquiries.

Blueberry and meringue
Pear cake
Caramel brownie
Purple pastry
Dessert sandwich
Decorated pastry
Prince cake
Varietie of meringues
Strawberry cake
Apple crumble pie
Maple syrup mousse and pecans
Valentines macarons
Pea smoothie bowl
Pastry with berries
Winter soup
Tomato salad
Soup garnish
Caramel rose cupcake
Translucent candied lemons
Meringue cake
Ice cream dessert
Marble frosted donut