Creating tasty and beautiful food and desserts is a big passion of mine and I create recipes, cook, bake, style, photograph and edit. This gallery is a small selection of some work that I've made for my blog and my Instagram but I offer this service as well.


Photos with mainly a light and airy feeling, but without being overexposed or having too little contrast. Click here or to see this category. 


Photos with mainly a dark and moody feeling, some created with lighting and props during the photoshoot and some created with editing only in post production. Click here to see this category.



Take a look here to see my hand painted macarons, painted pears and cookies with brush embroidery. Many have a floral theme and were made for weddings and baby showers

A lot can be done with editing so even if the shot itself wasn't adapted for a specific style a lot can be achieved in post production. You can find examples of what can be created when you choose the style in retrospect here.